The Hero's Journey


Joseph Campbell with Bill Moyers
Whether you realize it or not, you are (metaphorically speaking) on your own Hero’s Journey.  (Note that the Hero as stated herein also means the feminine “Heroine.”) The Hero's Journey is a journey of becoming who you were born to be: a whole human being, spiritually connected and making your love visible in the world as you. How? With the work you do, the life you lead, and through the ways you are now making a difference and expect to make a difference.

You may have read about The Hero’s Journey, in the book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949).  It was through Campbell’s life-long research through world literature, religion and myths that he found a similar pattern in the lives of hero’s. From this, he came up with a seventeen step structure for the archetypical hero. However, it was not until he was interviewed by Bill Moyers in the PBS series, The Power of Myth that Campbell’s book and the Hero’s Journey became popularized.  

George Lucas (Star Wars) was inspired by Campbell’s book (The Hero with a Thousand Faces) and used the structure of the Hero’s journey (the monomyth) to map out Luke Skywalker’s character in Star Wars. The PBS series was filmed at Skywalker Ranch. (See the detailed 17-step structure HERE.)

Where are you on your Hero/Heroine’s Journey?

You may have said, “I just want to live up to my potential.”  To truly live your potential is your Hero’s Journey of knowing yourself (inner spiritual journey) and journey of taking action in the world to unfold the destiny of what was born with you to be and experience. And whether you realize it or not, the events happening in the world are the result of our (humankind) collective energy playing out in the physical realm. That is all the more reason for people to aspire and take action to be their best because collectively, human beings are all like cells in the body of humanity.  Everything is connected. We are energy beings.

The best way to help mankind is
 through the perfection of yourself

                     -- J. Krishnamurti

The greatness that is you comes from you living out your dreams. Joseph Campbell would say, “Follow your bliss.”  

What matters most, as you pursue your purpose, is the person you become on that journey. To deprive yourself of your dreams also deprives the world of the gifts that were meant to emerge from you living out your dreams and to bring the blessings (boon) back into the world.     

The purpose of this website is to provide you with information, tools, and links for your hero’s  journey. The world needs the gifts that only you can give.

A great clue that you are ready to answer the “call to adventure” is:

·       You are dissatisfied with your life in its present state

·       There’s this gnawing feeling that you were meant to do more

·       You’re just, simply put, not happy with the status quo

·       You know you are more than you are living

·       You’ve recently been through some traumatic change

·       You've lost your job, a loved one, your home

·       You have a serious health problem, etc.

One person in commenting about their life put it like this: “How can anyone who is as smart as I am  live such a stupid life?” Obviously it was time for that person to step out of the crowd and do what he/she dreamed. If you are not satisfied with where you are now, it is time for your journey to begin. Answer the call today.

You can see the Hero's Journey Map HERE

About Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, 1949 life’s work was comparative mythology. His work became better known  after The PBS series, The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers (1988). It was  filmed at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch.

The Hero’s Journey
17 Step Summary


1.      Call to adventure

2.      Refusal of the Call

3.      Supernatural Aid

4.      Crossing the first threshold

5.      The belly of the whale


6.      The road of trials

7.      The meeting with the goddess

8.      Temptation away from the true path

9.      Atonement with the Father

10.   Apotheosis (becoming god-like)

11.   The ultimate boon


12.   Refusal of the return

13.   The magic flight

14.   Rescue from without

15.   Crossing the threshold

16.   Master of the two worlds

17.   Freedom to live



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