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Following is a description of the
Awareness Exercises to help you
gain knowledge about your life and purpose.

Character is Destiny

This exercise will give you quick insight about your character traits. Even better, it will give you an idea of where you may want to get stronger.  Check off the traits that reflect your character. You can also ask your friend, or spouse to check off the traits that he/she thinks reflect who you are. Notice if their selection  agrees with your choices. You may be very surprised (hopefully delighted too) with what others think of you. Check it out.  Get your Character is Destiny PDF HERE.


What makes us human is we can choose.  Your choices decide your destiny. Look at this list of choices and reflect on the choices you are making now. Take note of where you may want to rethink the choices you are presently making. Get your Choices PDF HERE

Mission Statement Worksheet
Your Mission Statement is a declaration of your purpose and intentions.  This exercise provides you with tools (four pages) with key questions for you to know more precisely what it is you want to do. It includes a "Bucket List" a "Goals Form" A "Mission Statement Worksheet" and "Mission Statement" examples. Get your Mission Statement Worksheet PDF HERE.

Self-Mastery Check List and Questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to gain clarity about yourself and to get you to think about your life in ways that matter. It will give you confirmation about your strengths, and show you where you might want to add strength. In addition, it will ask questions you may not have considered. Self-knowledge is key to your self-mastery and fulfillment. Get your Self-Mastery Check List and Questionnaire PDF HERE.

The Heroes Journey Map
The Hero Journey Map is a tool for you to just view and notice how the areas of life correspond with your life now.  Notice where you are doing great and  what areas of your life need attention. This is just a tool for your journey so you get the overall picture of your life. From this, add what matters to you, notice what doesn't matter and where there are gaps. Review the article about the Hero's Journey Map or listen to the Hero's Journey Map Podcast .Your comments and feedback are invited. Get your Hero's Journey Map PDF HERE.

The Hero's Journey Worksheet
The Hero's Journey Worksheet is a tool to define your purpose. In addition, it is where you note where everything is fine and where you might want to make changes to improve your life. Get The Hero's Journey Worksheet PDF HERE.

Time Synthesis
This "Time Synthesis" chart is very helpful to get a look at where you are investing your time, and where more time can be invested in areas that matter, i.e. exercise, creating, etc.. If you feel you never have time to do what you want, this form can be a valuable tool and an eye opener. It is worth your investment to track how you are investing your time. Remember, time is life. How is your life being invested now? Get your Time Synthesis PDF HERE.

Vision Questionnaire
A quest is a journey. By answering questions, you take yourself on a journey of inner awareness. Answer the questions here and gain insight into your purpose, calling and more. Get your Vision Questionnaire PDF HERE.

Accountability Log
This form is for you to track your progress each week. You simply write in what you intend to do and check off the days you honor your intention.  Tracking your progress is motivating.  Over time, you will see how you've progressed. 

To make this process even better, have an "Accountability" partner. If you belong to a Master Mind group this will be easy. If not, get a partner who, like you, wants to achieve. Help each other to be accountability for your weekly commitments. You will find yourself doing more and honoring your intentions and making progress with whatever it is you choose to accomplish  Get the PDF Accountability Log Form and Instructions

Bucket List
This form is exactlywhat it says. Whar do you want to do before ir's too late? Get the Bucket List PDF formHERE.

Fitness Assessment
How fit are you? Take charge of your health and fitness now by consciously being aware of where you are great and where you need to get better. This Fitness Assessment form may be a good tool for you to see how good you are doing and also be brave enough to decide to get even better.
Get the PDF Fitness Assessment Form and Instructions HERE.

Fitness Pledge
 Make a commitment to yourself to lose the weight. That's right. This seemingly insignificant act is very powerful. Sign the pledge and hang it on your refrigerator. This can be the beginning of you taking charge of your body to get better and better with losing the weight. Start small, and practice self-mastery to lose the weight. You will be glad you did.

Better yet, get a partner to join you. You can be accountability partners for fitness. Ah yes...success. Make it fun. Set some dates, create a plan and take charge to improve your fitness level whether it be to lose weight or get yourself to exercise more consistently or do both. Get the Fitness Pledge PDF Form and Instructions HERE.

Creating Camelot

What does it take for us to be a great society?  It's quite simple: We welcome our divine nature. We create the synergy for our emergence as an advanced race of divinely connected human beings.
What makes us human is we can choose.  is about us choosing to evolve individually and together to create a better world. The time is now.  Technology will not save us, but our love for life, our planet and each other will.


 Here's a great speech by John Doe from the Movie Meet John Doe. We are the John Doe's of the world, the ordinary guys/gals. We are the ones that can harness the gifts of who we are as humanity. See the clip of John Doe's speech below and Burt, the Soda Jerker who tells John Doe how his speech got them to get their neighbors together and they started John Doe Clubs.

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