Introduction to
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Awareness Exercises

Where are you going? What matters most to you? The purpose of the Transformation Awareness Exercises (in PDF format) is to provide you with tools and forms that will help you on your journey of become the great creative you.

First what is transformation?  It is your ability to assess your life and make changes that will improve your life. It is your ability to say what you'll do, and then do what you say. Simply put, you honor your word.

The benefits of transformation is self-mastery. You are able to direct your life in the way you want it to go and grow. What will help you gain mastery to transform yourself where needed is:

  •   Knowing yourself
  •   Knowing what you want
  •   Knowing where you are going
  •   Knowing where you are great
  •   Knowing where you need to grow
  •   And taking steps to make changes that improve your life

    The Transformation Tool Kit contains Awareness Exercises that will give you insight and self-knowledge for activating and engaging the genius of you. Genius? Yes, be the genius of you by knowing yourself and using the gifts you were born with and have cultivated over time. This is how you can put a foundation under your dreams. Why? Because you will know what steps you need to take to empower your life.  A key question to ask yourself is:

  • What do I intend to accomplish as my greatest contribution to life?

  • For what do I want to be remembered by the people who love  me and whose lives I have improved by being me?

  • What success do I want to enjoy while I'm here?

  • What aspects of myself do I want to improve so I can be
    my best?

  • What character traits do I need to add or strength so I can do what I want?

As you answer the questions in the Awareness Exercises (in PDF format) you will get confirmation about your talents, interests and purpose in life. In addition, you will gain insight into areas that can spark your creative genius in ways possibly unknown to you before. 

The final step will be deciding what you want to happen in your life and then to create a plan with the steps to make it happen. The information here and tools provided will help you with this process. 

The bottom line: You already have everything you need now. Step into your Heroís Journey with awareness to engage the greatness and genius that is naturally who you are. Your gifts are needed.  

If you landed on this website, you most likely are already on a positive path of self-discovery and taking action to unfold the treasures of you. Congratulations. 

Now, itís time to engage more of your genius by collaborating and co-creating on multiple levels: with family, friends and community.

Camelot is a metaphor for us to be that great society of empowered people living consciously using our innate gifts to make the world a better place.

Remember, what makes you (us) human is choice.  You are choosing every moment of the day, every day.  As you consciously take steps to progress each day towards what you desire, your success is inevitable. 

Itís time to engage your true genius even more.  You are unique and a gift to the world.  Now deliver the greatness that is you so our world can be a better place. Unleash the real Hero in you.

Habits That Undermine Your Success

Aimlessness              Youíve got to have a dream to make a dream come true. Set your targets and take aim each day to be your best.

Use the tools here to activate your heartís desire and aspire.)

Indecision                 Be decisive. Indecision occurs from not having adequate information, fear of failure, or thinking you have to do things perfect the first time. 

Solution: Get through indecision by doing some research, read a book about the topic in question.  Be part of a Master Mind group to get support, information and insight for your success. 

If you donít know who you are, what you want or where you are going, you are like a ship without a rudder drifting along and being moved by whatever hits you the hardest and forces you to move. 

Solution: Take time to get to know who you are. answering questions you can gain insight and self-knowledge that will empower your life even more.

Transformation Awareness Exercises:

1.  Accountability Log -
This form is for you to track your progress each week. You simply write in what you intend to do and check off the days you honor your intention.  Tracking your progress is motivating.  Over time, you will see how you've progressed. 

To make this process even better, have an "Accountability" partner. If you belong to a Master Mind group this will be easy. If not, get a partner who, like you, wants to achieve. Help each other to be accountability for your weekly commitments. You will find yourself doing more and honoring your intentions and making progress with whatever it is you choose to accomplish  Get the PDF Accountability Log Form and Instructions

2.  Bucket List -
This form is exactly what it says. What do you want to do before it's too late? Get the PDF Bucket List Form HERE.

3.  Character is Destiny -
What character traits do you have that empower your life? What character traits do you have that keep you from success?  Gain insight into your character now with this list. Get the PDF Character is Destiny Form and Instructions HERE.

4.  Choices - Every day you make hundreds of choices. Most of them seemingly insignificant. However, when the stack up over time you will notice whether your dominant choices are helping you or keeping you from being your best.

What makes us human is we can choose. Gain insight into your choices. Become more aware of choices you are making that you never gave a second thought to that can be helping you or keeping you from being your best.
Get the PDF Choices Form and Instructions HERE.

5.  Fitness Assessment - How fit are you? Take charge of your health and fitness now by consciously being aware of where you are great and where you need to grow. This Fitness Assessment form may be a good tool for you to see how good you are doing and also be brave enough to decide to get even better. Get the PDF Fitness Assessment Form and Instructions HERE.

6.  Fitness Pledge - Make a commitment to yourself to lose the weight. That's right. This seemingly insignificant act is very powerful. Sign the pledge and hang it on your refrigerator. This can be the beginning of you taking charge of your body to get better and better with losing the weight. Start small, and practice self-mastery to lose the weight. You will be glad you did.

Better yet, get a partner to join you. You can be accountability partners for fitness. Ah yes...success. Make it fun. Set some dates, create a plan and take charge to improve your fitness level whether it be to lose weight or get yourself to exercise more consistently or do both. <Get the PDF Fitness Pledge Form and Instructions HERE.

7.  Goals Plan of Action Worksheet - This worksheet is a place where you can list the areas where you want to improve that corresponds to the Hero's Journey Map. Also, you can set a "Start" date to begin taking steps to improve in whatever area you deem most important now.

This form is a good "recap" list for how you want your life to improve. It can also be a list where you acknowledge where you already are doing great.
Get the PDF Goals Plan of Action Worksheet Form and Instructions HERE.

8.  Hero's Journey Map, The - This map is a good way for you to look at your life and see where you are outstanding and where you want to get better. Just viewing it will give you insight. Get the PDF The Hero's Journey Map Form and Instructions HERE.

9.  Skill Check List - The skills on this list include: Data Skills, People Skills, Special Knowledge Skills, and more. This isn't a huge list, but it just may get you to thinking about how you want to earn your livelihood in the future.

Also, you may  the skills you have with people would make you a great personal coach. Or, that you have special knowledge you could use to create a program you could teach that will bring in extra income. Get the PDF Skill Check List form and Instructions HERE.

10.  Time Synthesis - Lifestyle Time Management Assessment - Do you continually say to yourself (and everyone else), "I just don't have enough time." You're not alone. Take charge of your time (and your life) now by doing this time assessment exercise. It will give you the facts you need to know how to invest your time wisely.  Get the PDF Time Synthesis - Lifestyle Time Management Assessment form HERE

11.  Vision Quest - This short (six questions) Awareness Exercise will help you identify exactly what matters most to you. If you feel you are at a "dead end" job and know you are more than you are living, then answering the questions here may just be the answer you need now. Get the PDF Vision Quest form and Instructions HERE.

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