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Introduction to
Awareness Exercises for Self-Mastery

Where are you going? What matters most to you? The purpose of the Awareness Exercises (in PDF format) is to provide you with tools and forms that will help you on your Hero’s Journey for self-mastery.  

First what is self-mastery?  Self-mastery means self-command. It is your ability to do say what you'll do and do what you say. Simply put, you honor your word.

The benefits of self-mastery is being able to direct your life in the way you want it to go and grow. What will help you gain mastery, is self-awareness, so you:

  •   Know yourself
  •   Know what you want
  •   Know where you are going
  •   Know where you are great
  •   Know where you need to grow

    The Awareness Exercises will give you insight and self-knowledge for activating and engaging the genius of you. It will enable you to put a foundation under your dreams because you will know what steps you need to take to empower your life.  Key questions are: 

  • How do you want to be remembered after you’re gone?
  • What do you intend to achieve as your greatest contribution to life?
  • What success would you like to enjoy now?

As you answer the questions in the Awareness Exercises (in PDF format) you will get confirmation about your talents, interests and purpose in life. In addition, you will gain insight into areas that can spark your creative genius in ways possibly unknown to you before. 

The final step will be deciding what you want to happen in your life and then to create a plan with the steps to make it happen. The information here and tools provided will help you with every step of this process. 

The bottom line: You already have everything you need now. Step into your Hero’s Journey with awareness to engage the greatness and genius that is naturally who you are. Your gifts are needed.  

If you landed on this website, you most likely are already on a positive path of self-discovery and taking action to unfold the treasures of you.  Congratulations.  Feel free to share this website with family and friends.

Now, it’s time to engage more of your genius by collaborating and co-creating in multiple levels: with family, friends and community.

Camelot is a metaphor for us to be that great society of empowered people living consciously using our innate gifts to make the world a better place.

Remember, what makes you (us) human is choice.  You are choosing every moment of the day, every day.  As you consciously take steps to progress each day towards what you desire, your success is inevitable. 

It’s time to engage your true genius even more.  You are unique and a gift to the world.  Now deliver the greatness that is you so our world can be a better place. Unleash the real Hero in you.

Habits That Undermine Your Genius

Aimlessness               You’ve got to have a dream to make a dream come true. Set your targets and take aim each day to be your best.

Use the tools here to activate your heart’s desire and aspire.)

Indecision                 Be decisive. Indecision occurs from not having adequate information, fear of failure, or thinking you have to do things perfect the first time. 

                              Solution: Get through indecision by doing some research, read a book about the topic in question.  Be part of a Master Mind group to get support, information and insight for your success. 

If you don’t know who you are, what you want or where you are going, you are like a ship without a rudder drifting along and being moved by whatever hits you the hardest and forces you to move. 

Solution: Take time to get to know who you are. By answering questions you can gain insight and self-knowledge that will empower your life even more.

To view the Awareness Exercises link to PDF Forms HERE.

Those who have achieved self-mastery are empowered to realize their own greatness. Some common characteristics of "greatness" are:

1. Focus
2. Preparedness
3. Conviction
4. Perseverance
5. Creativity
6. Curiosity
7. Resilience
8. Risk Taking
9. Independence
10. A Sense of Higher Purpose

For an explanation of these characteristics, see the Audubon Area website HERE.

Creating Camelot

What does it take for us to be a great society?  It's quite simple: We welcome our divine nature. We create the synergy for our emergence as an advanced race of divinely connected human beings.
What makes us human is we can choose.  is about us choosing to evolve individually and together to create a better world. The time is now.  Technology will not save us, but our love for life, our planet and each other will.


 Here's a great speech by John Doe from the Movie Meet John Doe. We are the John Doe's of the world, the ordinary guys/gals. We are the ones that can harness the gifts of who we are as humanity. See the eight minute clip of John Doe's speech below.

In Part II of the John Doe movie, John Doe meets Burt, the Soda Jerker who tells John Doe how his speech got them to get their neighbors together and they started John Doe Clubs. See that movie clip below.

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