Creating Community

The best way to help mankind is to share
the gifts of who you are as you live with
  integrity. Day to day do  your best and
make your love visible.

A New Renaissance

It's time for a new Renaissance. Empowered people coming together to enrich one another in ways that matter.  Everyone counts, and everyone has something special to contribute that will make a difference. As people bring their hearts and heads together to create the circumstances to thrive and share the gifts of who they are, there is magic and miracles. A special synergy is created that allows that to happen. You see it all the time when people get beyond   "what's in it for me,"  and focus on a vision of what can be. And, you see it when people come together to help out in a crisis and that is done all the time.

Now it's time to come together to consciously create at a grass roots level to welcome the magic that is us as humankind (mankind).

You are the Gift

If you don't know that you are a gift to life and that you are here for a reason, perhaps this quote by Marianne Williamson from A Return to Love will be helpful and remind you:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people e permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Making Your Love Visible

The problem is not that you don't have what it takes, the problem is not taking what you have to live with purpose so that you can make your love visible in whatever form you choose and in a way that makes a difference. If you aren't aware of your gifts and talents, you deny yourself and you deprive the world of the treasures that were born with you to share on this earth. That is all the more reason why it is important to know yourself and to know your purpose in life.

One way to discover your true gifts is by serving others. It doesn't have to be anything formal, like being a volunteer, perhaps you already are helping out a family member or a friend. In the process of caring and serving you get confirmation about your talents, skills and interests. It's not just the giving, its the feelings of worth and value that emerge naturally when you give. Maybe you are a motivator, a solution finder, or are extremely resourceful and find answers others would have never considered. Maybe your genius is just being very patient and having common sense. Whatever gifts you have, use them consciously to create the circumstances where you are always thriving day to day in every way.

The Need for Connection

People everywhere are hungry for answers, for support, and for connection. That can come from knowing yourself and knowing others. This website would like to help that happen even more. Again, remember, you are here for a reason and you have something special to give to the world that cannot be fulfilled by anyone else.

Creating Community

The purpose of Creating Community is for people to come together and to know each other and to share their gifts for the enrichment of the community and of them self.  Everything we need we have in ourselves and each other.

The sharing and feedback provides a way for people to get confirmation about  their  gifts and calling. Further, as people get to know each other, the walls of division are removed and replaced with insight and appreciation. Relationships are built and people can go places together that would be impossible to go to on their own.

When people are imbued with a vision of what can be created that will enrich their life and the lives of others in the community, therein lies the magic. Brainstorming about what can be draws out the genius in everyone. You can call it "synergy," a "miracle." In Think and Grow Rich, it was called "Infinite Intelligence." As people come together for a higher purpose of creating something that enriches the community, versus "what's in it for me," the star gate is open and seeming miracles are a natural event.


The following provides some ideas of  ways in which people can be more connected,
learn together and and grow together in ways that matter. From reading this list you will
probably have many more ideas of your own. If so, please feel free to share
them because your input is valued, appreciated and needed. 

  1. Get to Know Your Neighbors. Host a Social Gathering.  It can be a potluck or light refreshments or just coffee, for a "Getting to Know You" event. At the gathering, you can discuss what is needed in the neighborhood and community that will make life better. It will provide an opportunity for people to get to know each other and learn about each others
    talents, interests and concerns. 

  2. Start a Health Support Group. Do your own fitness program.  Everyone is an expert on fitness and dieting. That's not the problem, the challenge is having support and a way to be accountable. Meet once a week and declare your results. Discuss challenges. Get answers. Get better and have support. The key to fitness is accountability. Have your own "Body Buddy" for accountability and holding each others feet to the fire. The main reason diets don't work is because it's about lifestyle change and that is done over time. Having support while you cultivate new health habits and get yourself to exercise makes a difference. (FACT: The success rate for people with an accountability partner is 95%. That success rate can be for any goal.) 

    3.  Start Mastermind Group for Success.  Get like-minded people to support each others                     success.People who succeed at high levels don't do it on their own. They have support system
         be it a friend, a mentor, or coach. Having a regular "coach" for most people is not financially
         doable (anywhere from $300 - 500  a month. Some people, well known and famous charge as 
         much as $3,000- $10,000 an hour.) Why not just help each other for free and reciprocate by
         sharing talents? (See information on Mastermind Groups HERE.)

Inspiration Evening

Who has a talent they would like to share or teach?  People in communities can come together to create their own "Inspiration Evening." by sharing their talents, interests or even do a workshop that would benefit everyone. All of this can be done for free or at a minimal cost to cover materials. Why not? What greater way to help each other, know each other, and enrich the whole community?

Following are a few ideas on topics that might be of interest and for which people in your community  have a talent or skill that they would like to share. Also, for people who love to share their knowledge  it can even evolve into a regular money-making event. This is a good way to "cut your teeth" and can be the beginning of something bigger. Following are some topics and ideas to get you started thinking about perhaps a talent you have that you would like to share:

  1. The Benefits of Yoga, Pilates or strength training. Learn about Yoga, Pilates and strength training from someone who is an expert, loves to exercise and can demonstrate or show a video on the subject.

  2. Organic Gardening.  The benefits of organic gardening and how to get started. Having a garden is great even if it is just growing a few things. Some basics: onions, cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage and whatever you eat on a regular basis. Herbs are especially nice and easy to grow. They can even become a gift item to give to family and friends.  

  3. How to Write a Memoir. Maybe this is something you have been wanting to do. You don't even need to be an expert. Get a group going and learn from the many books available on the subject. .

  4. Family History Recording.  How to record and create a CD of a family member's life for a family history. How many people do you know who wish they had a recording of their mom, dad, sister or brother? This is a priceless gift and so easy to do. A good book to know how to do this is The Oral History Workshop available at Amazon. (LINK HERE).

  5. Tips for Getting and Staying Organized.  Welcome the expertise from someone who is organized and can teach others the same and show a group what products and tools to use and how to get those papers in place and eliminate the clutter.

Be Informed

Everyone has DVDs to share and some of them can really make a difference and get one motivated to make some positive health changes. For example, the Academy Award winning movie, FOOD MATTERS features interviews with leading medical experts who discuss natural approaches to reversing Cancer, Obesity, Heart Disease,Depression and other chronic conditions. As Hippocrates (460-370 B.C) said, "Let thy food be thy medicine." 

Consider the documentary movies you have in your own library that might be worth sharing, discussing and applying the wisdom from them to improve your life and help others do the same.

Following are a few movie titles to consider: 

     1.  Food Matters - natural approaches to be healthy and avoid chronic conditions.

     2.  Finding Joe  - about the Hero's Journey and how we are all on our own Hero's Journey

     3.  The Living Matrix - about the science of healing and how we can heal each other

     4.  What the Bleep Do We Know - about how our perceptions create our reality

     5.  The Secret - about the Law of Attraction for creating success

Creative Ways to Learn and Share 

     1.  Host a Spiritual Movie Night and show a movie like The Celestine Prophecy.

     2.  Host an Inspiration Evening and show YouTube videos by connecting your laptop to your TV. 
          Show topics that are informative and can be discussed after. For example,  The Science of
          Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. There are thousands of informative and life-instructing
          videos. There are also You Tube videos that will make you more aware like Ethos with Woody

Community Enrichment, Success and Health

     1.  Provide a platform for people to share talents and expertise. People in the community can 
          develop their own programs and workshops to share their knowledge and wisdom.

     2.  Share programs on success and health one already owns with the rest of the community. For
          example, do you have a Jack Canfield program on The Success Principles? Maybe someone
          has the Tony Robbins program, Get the Edge.

Create A Health Support Group 
Become Coaches and Trainers for Each Other

Just about everyone is knowledgeable about exercise and knows what to do. The challenge is getting yourself to do it consistently, but that can be changed easily. Having a way to be accountable is key. If you have the funds you can hire a personal trainer. However, the cost for that is prohibitive for most people who don't have an extra extra $300 - $500 a month to pay for a trainer. What is doable is to have a partner and become coaches and trainers for each other. You can get a family member or friend to work with you. Consider that most people already know how to exercise, and already have weights. How many exercise videos do you own? Share and use your own exercise videos, or go to You Tube for "how to."  You can start now, and together with a friend become more fit. You will be glad you did. .


    1.  Make a flyer and announce a "Getting to Know You" neighborhood social or potluck.
    2.  Have a sign-in sheet with columns for: Name, Phone, E-mail Address for future contact..
    3.  Have an agenda: Introductions, Purpose, and share the Creating Community Ideas here. 
    4.  Ask for ideas, concerns and suggestions for creating a better community, neighborhood.
    5.  If possible, do a survey form to get a written response from people attending.
    6.  From the response, and participation you will know what to do next to continue.

Creating a Conscious Community

A few months back I happened to run across a website that I thought was just great. The name of the site is Conscious Community - Reno. "Start Where You Live." The link is HERE.

Richard Flyer introduces the purpose of their community in a video that is worth viewing. He hits it right on the head:  Paraphrasing Flyer, he says we are so sidetracked with minor things in life, are fragmented, and divided by our social groups, religions that we are "a modern Tower of Babylon."

Their community has cultivated a new vision which started at a grassroots level. Their community is thriving in ways that are most admirable and would be great for other communities to follow.

I believe every community can consciously come together to enrich each other and create a community where everyone can thrive.

This Reno "Conscious Community" has gone far to make their community better and has created a  great model for other communities to follow and to expand on.  If you are a leader in your community, or know the community leaders in your city, please share this information with them. You can also see the   video "Conscious Community - Reno" on You Tube. The link is HERE.

Creating Camelot

A better world can be envisioned and created by us. We hold the key. We are the answer. Individually, we can develop and evolve and get better day to day. Millions of people already are doing just that. Together we can be more aware of the forces dominating our life and removing the middle class. As Americans, we need to be aware and awake. Democracy works when people participate.

We can no longer sit back and hope for life to get better. We have been given the brains and the heart to engage our true humanity.  Even though we may be great in many ways, together we create the magic and the synergy for the answers needed that we cannot find alone. Technology will not save us from the challenges facing us today, but our heart and humanity will.

Share the information here with your family, friends and leaders in your community. Take action by getting to know your neighbors and use the talents you have to make a difference. Participate. Your input and talents are needed now. The gifts and genius of you are engaged as you serve others and make a difference. You are the difference!

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